Friday, June 22, 2012

We had fun at the graves again this year.  I got my list from mom and dad, to make sure we got all of the graves before we went.  The kids and I went with Grandma Tracie to all of the Ogden cemeteries the Saturday before Memorial Day before I went to work.  We left around 7am.  The kids love carrying the watercans  and pulling off the plastic from the plants.  We also lined up pinecones around the Roush graves.  Grandma Zelma and Grandma Maxine both died recently, so I think it meant a little more to the kids this year.

The only day that all the Morgans could get together was on Sunday after church.  Man, was it cold and rainy.  Here are the kids in front of the Morgan headstone.  I love Adam's face... pretending he was not happy to be there.  The headstones had already been cleaned off, so all we got to do was place flowers.  It was good to go though.  Hopefully we are instilling in the kids an importance of the word 'remember'.  Happy Memorial Day!

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